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Author bio:
Author Sylvia Stein began her path to writing when she joined the Writer’s Group on Linked in 750 in 2012.
She continued her journey by creating short stories, which were published, in the Giant tales Anthology series.
While obtaining her Masters degree at Southern New Hampshire University online author Stein built a solid foundation with her colleagues who encouraged her to continue on her writing. That’s when Closure was born.
With the help of her editor Closure grew from a short story to a full novella that Author Stein is excited to share.
Closure is her debut book as a solo writer.   To quote author Stein,  
“ This is the first of many to come.”

Book title

Brief synopsis of your book:
After years of abuse, Sara’s aunt visits. She recognizes the abuse and removes Sara. The frail girl begins the delicate journey of finding herself, while struggling to leave her father and the monster behind.
Despite the emotional and mental scars she carried, Sara manages to start a new life. She is finally happy.
A phone call changes everything.
Will Sara continue her new life? Can she face the monster, or will she find closure?

Current book or project you’re working on:

What moment or event sparked the inspiration for your novel?
I was taking my first creative writing class at Southern New Hampshire University where I wrote the short story of Closure and then an author friend suggested I make it a novella.

Please share three interesting facts about the characters in your book.
1) Sara is a strong woman in spite of all that she has gone through.
2) Garrison is trying to make it right after all the wrong he has done.
3)  Sara and Garrison are torn up about the loss of  Lila which was Sara’s mother and Garrison’s everything.

Who is the most complex issue you dealt with, as a writer, in your current novel?
The most complex issue was trying to tell a compelling story about a character who has to endure abuse from her alcoholic father after the loss of their mother Lila who dies from Cancer.
Are there any characters in your book that remind you of yourself?
In some ways Sara is me.  Not that I was abused.  However alcohol was a part of my life growing up with a father who drank too much.  Although he was not abusive his drinking caused him to lose his job and that affected our family and my mother got tired and eventually they divorced and it hurt us all because I was still close to my father.  Years later they became friends and my father got sober but it still caused so much pain for the rest of my younger siblings.

If you could pick any well known or famous author to review your book who would you pick and why?
Wow, that is a tough one.  I would have to say.  Jodi Picoult.  The Main reason is that in her writing she makes you feel all the emotions and that is what I wanted to capture in this book.


What genre and age group does your book fall into?
The genre it falls into is New Adult since Sara begins as a child of 5 and grows into her mid 20’s.  The age group I would say is 18 and above.

What is the first book you remember reading, that affected how you thought or felt about something?
The first book that I remember reading that affected how I thought and felt about something was Harper Lee’s to Kill a Mockingbird.  Wow that one still is very profound because of the injustice of it all.

Which three authors have inspired you the most, and why?
I think all authors have inspired me but for me this would have to be The World Literary Café, Melissa’s Awesome Support Team, Linked in and my SnHU gathering.

Have you ever read a book you couldn’t finish reading?
No I always finish a book. Sometimes it takes me awhile but I always trying to read as much as I can.

Do you read a book, while you are writing a book?
Sometimes I do.  I try to avoid watching T.V.  Therefore sometimes I do read.  It also helps with the flow of what I am writing at times.

The process:

How many books have you written?
Well I would have to say this is my first solo book but I also have written some anthologies with my Writer’ 750 on linked in so overall 8 books.

Which book is your favourite and why?
Well for me it would have to be Closure because this is my own work and I worked really hard on it. 

Is there anything that helps get you in the mood to write?
Yes music inspires me to write always. 

What were three challenges you faced when writing your book?
1) Time to write.
2) Editing my drafts.
3) Managing my time.

What is one of your favourite sources for research and why?
My favourite sources for research is the scholarly journals and google.
Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so what helps you to ‘overcome’?  I only experience writer’s block when I do not have time to write.

Was there a time when you felt possessed by a character when you were writing? If so from which book and which character?
Yes I am actually possessed right now with a book I am working on called Chasing Clarity.  The main character of Mia is almost speaking to me in my head as I am writing.  I also had that with Closure.

Do you take part in creating your book cover and if so what do you find the most difficult part of the process?
No, I actually am not good with cover art so I rely on the expertise of others.  The World Literary Café and the talented Natasha Brown are incredible at that.

What part of the process becomes the most critical for you?
The part of the process that is most critical for me is being able to write a compelling story for all my readers.

How long does it usually take for you to complete a book? It takes me from 6-12 months. 

Do you have any ideas for your book and Hollywood? Actors, directors, music.
Yes I do.  This is actually for another book I am working on for next year a psychological Thriller.  I want Rachel McAdams to play Sadie which is the main character of Battered Mind.  Mark Ruffalo will be Dante Sadie;s husband then music will be like the rock link park, Korn.  Director David Fincher, Baz Luhrman Scorsese.

Which book to movie conversion is your favourite?
For me I am looking forward to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn since she wrote the book and screenplay.
The other I think is great is the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Do you watch a lot of science fiction or fantasy movies?
No too much my husband is more into the science fiction and fantasy than me.

Do you study science, criminology, police, medical, or anything special to help you with your writing?
Yes I do I am always researching. Depending on the work I am writing.

What, who, and when, first inspired you to write?
I was inspired since I was 5 to write.  My mother always encouraged me to write and create my own stories.

Personal favourite info:
Drink – Coffee
Food – Fried chicken
Vacation – Beach
TV show – Glee
Movie – Old School
Animal –Dog
Sport – Football
Book – Entertaining Angels
Comedy – Modern Family
Struggle – To lose weight
Addiction – None only to writing.

How can people connect with you?

Where can readers find your book? 
Amazon Author page:

Barnes and Noble Nook press:


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