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JUST IN CASE by author Elizabeth Marx


By Elizabeth Marx

He’s been waiting for her all these years …

Scarlett Marbry was sixteen when her mother, an acclaimed Sacred Harp singer, committed suicide, sending her away from Crossroads, Alabama and whatever pushed her mother over the edge.  Seven years later, she’s returning for her grandparents’ funeral and the letter her mother left her when she died. Not only does Scarlett have to face her deep Southern roots, but the one she left behind.

She’s never thought she was good enough for him …

Revell Marshall is used to working with fragile objects. He’s built a life and career around reassembling the delicate stained glass windows that saved the small town of Crossroads from ruin. Once Scarlett returns, he’s determined to win her heart, even if that means helping her piece together the facts of her mother’s past and exposes truths he’d rather leave buried.
What happens when your secrets are revealed to the world?

You better hold on tight to the one person you think you can trust…

Just in case.

My Review:
When Scarlett Marbry returns home to Alabama she is haunted by her past and the ghosts of the past. From her mothers suicide to her hateful overbearing grandfather, Scarlett finds no comfort in being back home. Eager to leave after a funeral and the reading of the will, Scarlett is in a sense blackmailed to stay. 

A lifetime of unanswered questions could be hers, maybe, if she stays for the reading of the contents in an envelope which will be hers, but only if she stays. With so many unanswered questions about her mother and father what will she do?

Having grown up in the South, I found this story an accurate depiction of some of the Southern traditions, peculiarities, history, humor, and the ways of small towns.

Elizabeth, wrote a beautifully well crafted novel about long lasting love, fear, treachery, and secrets. Rich in detail with well developed characters, this story is worth the read.

Does time heal old wounds?
Which rumors are real?
What happened to drive some in a community away?
Filled with realistic human emotions, tackling tough topics, sex, and romance, you will love how this author ties it all together.

The Author:
Windy City writer Elizabeth Marx brings cosmopolitan flair to her fiction, which is a blend of romance and fast-paced Chicago living with a sprinkle of magical realism. In her past incarnation she was an interior designer–not a decorator–which basically means she has a piece of paper to prove that she knows how to match and measure things and can miraculously make mundane pieces of furniture appear to be masterpieces. Elizabeth says being an interior designer is one part shrink, one part marriage counselor and one part artist, skills eerily similar to those employed in writing. 
Elizabeth grew up in Illinois and has also lived in Texas and Florida. If she’s not pounding her head against the wall trying to get the words just right, you can find her at a softball field out in the boonies or sitting in the bleachers by a basketball court. Elizabeth resides with her husband, girls, and two cats who’ve spelled everyone into believing they’re really dogs. 
Elizabeth has traveled extensively, but still says there’s no town like Chi-Town.
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  1. Thanks for having me and taking this journey with Revell & Scarlett. I loved your review and am especially pleased that you found my portrayal of the South on par, especially for a Yankee. Happy reading, writing & reviewing.