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MICHAEL'S MYSTERY by Linzé Brandon

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Michael’s Mystery

It was time for the Lords of the High Council to step in when the Grandmaster of Kryane is accused of murdering his own people. They had little choice but to prevent the collapse of the whole magicians order, so they sent Michael to investigate the allegations.
The people of the desert planet were an enigma, but none more than Andesine, the healer assigned to assist Michael. Why did she report the Grandmaster? Was she involved, or was there something more sinister going on?
The more people they interrogated the more they suspected that nothing was as it seemed. Not the murders, nor the Grandmasters' motive as everyone thought.
Unable to resist the growing attraction between them, Michael and Andesine learn that they had to trust each other with their own secrets, and risking any future they might have.
Time and again the High Lords had to step in to prevent chaos on Kryane, but time was running out for Michael and Andesine. They had to get a new Grandmaster in place before the Kryane Order collapsed completely. And they had to find the who the true culprit was.
Fortunate to escape an attack from this monster once, they were risking the lives of many others in the process. Before the High Lords could formulate a plan, Michael and Andesine were captured, leaving the High Lords helpless to prevent it.
Kidnapped and imprisoned, Andesine was confronted with the realisation that if they were to survive their ordeal, it was up to her and her long suppressed powers. But as a healer she saved lives, would she be able to destroy the monster before he forces her to unleash her power to destroy the future of mankind?
Michael went to investigate the serial murders allegedly committed by the Grandmaster of Kryane. Andesine knew she was different and had a lot more to hide than her abilities. As their attraction grew, so did their suspicions that the real reason for the murders were not as simple as people believed. They soon learned that there was a plan in place that did not only endanger their lives, but the lives of every living being in the four dimensions.

About the Author:
Teaching herself to read before she went to school, it was the start of her life long love affair with books. Trained as an engineer, Linzé has worked as an export consultant and is presently a project manager. Although she still loves to read, she also enjoys counted stitch embroidery, archery, tai chi, fly fishing, painting, her husband's medal winning photographs and watching Manchester United play.

She counts both novels and short stories to her publishing credit. Her fourth novel, Waiting for Adrian, is planned for publication early in 2016. Her story, The Vernal Equinox, was a finalist in a sci-fi flash-fiction competition in 2015.

Linzé Brandon lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with her engineer husband and German Shepherds who are convinced that the world revolves only around them.

Current book or project you’re working on:
Michael’s Mystery was published on 28 October 2015.
I am currently working on a non-fiction project, Indie Author: The Good, the Bad and the Hard Work. It is planned for release in February 2016.
I have also initiated another short story project for 2016, where several authors write stories around a central theme.

What moment or event sparked the inspiration for your novel?
It is the third book in a series. The idea for the story came when I realised that the murders in Keeper of the Dragon Sword (Book 2 of the series) had not been resolved and it was the opportunity to do that, and introduce the characters of the Lords of the High Council.

Please share three interesting facts about the characters in your book.
1) Michael is the adopted son of the High Lord D’Ar.
2) Andesine is named after a crystal because of her eye colour.
3) The High Lords all look the same, and can be identified by their green eyes with constantly swirling blue waves.

What was the most complex issue you dealt with in trying to bring realistic emotion into this story?
I don’t find the addition of emotions to the story challenging as a rule. However, each story that I have written so far has one scene that pushes my boundaries as much as it pushes my characters.
In Michael’s Mystery it is the scene where Andesine and Michael face their captor. It was the most difficult to write. When I had completed it, I was exhausted.
Is any part of your story based on real events?
No, the entire story is a figment of my imagination.

Do you know the ending when you start your book?
No. I am a pantser. I do plan some aspects of my story, but the ending is not part of that planning.

If you could pick any well known or famous author to review your book who would you pick and why?
I would be thrilled if my favourite authors Nalini Singh or Maya Banks would read and review my book. They are wonderful authors, and I love their books.

What did you learn about yourself after completing this story?
The more I write, the more I realise that choosing to become a writer had been the best thing for me. Completing Michael’s Mystery had been a real challenge, but in the end it was worth every minute.

What genre and age group does your book fall into?
Fantasy romance for adults.

What is the first book you remember reading, that influenced how you felt about something?
To be honest, I cannot remember. I read books for many reasons, including research for my writing. I think to some extent all books influence me in some way, even subconsciously.

Did you have to do any research to write this book?
Yes. Michael’s Mystery takes place on a planet that is almost entirely a desert. Since I don’t live in a desert, I had to research how people would dress, and live and the issues they faced, like sandstorms.

What tips would you give aspiring authors on how to balance everyday life responsibilities and finding time to write?
Adding time to write to an already busy day is not easy. In fact it can be very difficult. You have to make a commitment to yourself and your writing, otherwise it will never be more than a pipe dream. By making this commitment, you will find the time to do the work.

The process:
How many books have you written?
I have three novels, and ten short stories in various genres published.
Last count I had 40+ manuscripts in various stages of completion.

Which book is your favorite and why?
The last one published. I spend about fourteen to eighteen months to write a novel, and about three months on a short story. With that amount of time, I have to like a story and the characters to commit so much time doing it. By the time the story is finished, I felt as if I lived another life on the journey with my characters’.

Do you write everyday or only when the mood strikes you?
I cannot wait until the mood strikes me, I will go nuts. I write everyday.

Which parts of the writing process are your favorite?
1) Writing the first draft.
2) Developing the characters.
3) Checking and implementing the final feedback from my editor.

What were three challenges you faced when writing your book?
1) Time. Due to travelling for work, I had to rely on the months for NaNoWriMo (July 2014, November 2014 and April 2015) to get the manuscript finished.
2) Setting of the story. Kryane is a desert planet and I had to do a lot more research than for any other novel in this series so far.
3) Series consistency. Michael’s Mystery is the third novel in a series and I had to make sure the names of characters from previous novels were spelled the same. Also that the backstory is in line with the events of the second book.

Was there ever a time when you felt possessed by a character as you were writing? If so from which book and which character?
It happens to me with every book. I live in the character’s head (perhaps they live inside mine) for the duration of the project. In Michael’s Mystery, the character switched from Michael in the first half of the book to Andesine in the second half.
It was the first time this happened, usually it is the main POV character of the story.

What part of the writing process is your least favorite?
Copy editing. Before I send it to my editor, I run the manuscirpt through Grammarly, so that I don’t seem like such an idiot. But the final editing is always done by a human editor.

What do you feel is the most important thing you’ve learned as an author?
Something worth pursuing, is worth the sacrifices one has to make to achieve it.

Do you have any ideas for your book and Hollywood? Actors, directors, music.
To be honest, I haven’t a chance to consider how the book would be like as a film. As soon as it was published, I started working on a book with a tight deadline.

Which book to movie conversion is your favorite?
I don’t watch a movie if I have read the book, and vice versa.

Is there anything you hope the reader will walk away with or “get” from your story?
My books are not aimed to educate or inspire people. As long as they enjoy the escape for a few hours, I have achieved my goal.

What, who, and when, first inspired you to write?
I just decided one day, fifteen years ago, that I could write a story. It will not ever see the light of publication, but it still holds a soft spot in my heart.

Personal favorite info:
Drink – Coffee
Food – Sushi
Vacation – The mountains and valleys of the Lowveld of South Africa
TV show – Haven
Movie – The BBC productions of Jane Austen’s books
Animal – My dogs. We have German Shepherds.
Sport – Soccer to watch.
Book – I am in my amateur sleuth phase. I read six authors right now and I love their books.
Comedy – Jeff Dunham
Struggle – Coping with the high levels of stress in my job.
Addiction – Reading and collecting books

How can people connect with you?
Website/Blog:  Butterfly on a Broomstick
Twitter: @LinzeBrandon
Goodreads: Linze Brandon

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