Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My First Book!

I have always been a dreamer. I remember teachers scolding me for being a daydreamer or being told to get my head out of the clouds. Well, sometimes we have dreams for reasons. Many years ago as I sat and watched a show on TV, I had no idea how it would change my life. It was a show about men who were addicted to porn. It was an episode from, The Oprah Show. That evening, I had a dream and night after night the dreams continued. 
A story played out in the dreams. It was a story of a woman remembering events from years of her life as her husband’s interest in porn became an obsession. The show and dreams inspired me, but I needed to know more. After a lot of research online, I found there was an abundance of information for, by, and from men, not to mention all the professionals, about porn and porn addiction. But back when I was doing research for my book there was very little information for, by, or from women, on how a mans addiction of porn might affect a woman, wife, or marriage.
Any thing that has ever sparked my interest somehow manages to find its way in my dreams. But often times dreams are not enough and I needed to know more. I needed to understand the emotions hidden behind this issue. Eight women, on blind faith, shared their most intimate details with me. It was because of their brave, selfless sharing that I was able to give a very real emotional truth to my story. 

Memoirs of Love, Family, the Internet, and Obsession
is a powerful fictional memoir of Love vs Addiction!


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  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! It was my pleasure to be your first follower :

  3. Thank you Victoria! I have been afraid of failing, so for far too long I put off trying to achieve creating one.

  4. Hello Martha, just dropped by from seeing your Tweet. Your book feels natural and real and I am so happy you have started to blog about it. Perfect!

  5. Thank you, sending best wishes for Good Reads!