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Author bio:
Andrea Buginsky is a freelance writer and author. “The Chosen” was her first book, and was followed by “My Open Heart,” an autobiography about growing up with heart disease. “Nature’s Unbalance” is the second story in THE CHOSEN series. Andrea plans to write more in the series. She’s already done with the first draft of book 3 and has a concept for book 4. You can find Andrea on her website, Andi’s Realm. Her books are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Remember to sign up for Andrea’s newsletter to stay up-to-date on all of her exciting events.

Personal favs:
Drink – Dr. Pepper
Food – Chocolate, Italian, seafood
Vacation – Disney World
TV show – Grey’s Anatomy
Movie – Dirty Dancing
Animal – Bears and Dogs
Sport – Baseball (Go Braves!)
Book – Just one?! Summer’s End by Danielle Steel, Harry Potter, Twilight

Book title: The Chosen

Brief synopsis of your book:
Halli is a shy, young dwarf who has no idea of her true calling. When the evil Prince Gastle sets out to detroy the world of Phantasma, Queen Laurali of the Elves comes to tell Halli she's a Holy Paladin with the power to heal, and will join The Chosen, a group of brave warriors being sent to defeat the evil beast and save Phantasma. Will Halli be accepted by her group, and be able to keep them alive through their adventures? Will the evil Prince Gastle be defeated, freeing Phantasma from his destruction? Only time will tell.

Current book or project you’re working on:
The New Avalon series

What was the inspiration for your novel?
I was watching the movie The Seeker: The Darkness Rises when I suddenly realized that’s what I wanted to write: fantasy. I wanted to write for teens who were struggling through the angsts of their teen years. I also wanted to create a heroine who might not been a typical heroine. Halli is unsure of herself, and must come to trust herself. I think a lot of teens feel this way.

Please share three interesting facts about your book which are not covered in the synopsis.
1) There is a mini-romance novel hidden inside.
2) There are two other important characters to the storyline not mentioned.
3) There is family drama involved.

Who is the most complex character from your current novel? Halli

Are there any characters in your book that remind you of yourself? Halli

If you could pick any well known or famous author to review your book who would you pick and why?
J.K. Rowling. I admire her so much for all she overcame in her life. She wrote Harry because he was with her since she was a kid. She fought to get Harry’s book published because she believed in him. I would love to know what she thinks of my book.

What, who, and when were you first inspired you to write?
Writing itself I’ve always loved. Turning it into my career and passion, my sister. I had to switch majors in college just before my Junior year, and I had no idea what I wanted to do instead of my first choice. My sister said, “You love to write. Why don’t you do that?” The rest is history.


What genre does your book fall into? MG/YA Fantasy

What is the first book you remember reading, that affected how you thought or felt about something? The Pokey Little Puppy

Which three authors have inspired you the most, and why?
1) J.K. Rowling, because she fought and persevered to make her dream come true.
2) Danielle Steel, because I love her books and the way she writes them.
3) Melissa Foster, my mentor, because she has taught me so much about writing, both the craft and making your writing what you want it to be.

Have you ever read a book you couldn’t finish reading?
The Hunger Games, believe it or not. Not because it’s not a good book or story, but because the storyline itself got to me too much.

Do you read a book, while you are writing a book?
Yes, I read whenever I feel like reading, whether I’m working on a book or not.

The process:

How many books have you written? Which book is your favourite and why?
I’ve had three books published, but I’ve written a total of five now. My favourite is My Open Heart, which is my autobiography of growing up with heart disease. It’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time, and it was wonderful to finally sit down, put it all together, and see it published.

Is there anything that helps get you in the mood to write?
If I’m watching a show or movie about an author, I’ll suddenly want to go to my desk and start writing.

What were three challenges you faced when writing your book?
1) Writing the action scenes
2) Knowing when I was done
3) Knowing how much editing was enough before I could say, “This is the final draft.”

What lessons have you learned as an aspiring writer?
You never stop learning.
You’re first book will not be as good later as you thought it was when you first wrote it.
You need to move on from that first book and keep creating new and better books.
You have to write what you love.
You have to keep writing.

Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so what helps you to ‘overcome’?
I don’t necessarily get “writer’s block,” but I do have times when I’m in a writing rut. To overcome this, I make myself sit and write. Once I get back to my writing, I’m good to go for a while.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned, either in the self-publishing or traditional publisher, route?
That just writing your book doesn’t mean you’re done with the work. You have to let readers know your book is available, via word-of-mouth and marketing.

How long does it usually take for you to complete a book?
Three to six months

Do you have any ideas for your book and Hollywood? Actors, directors, music.
I’ve varied the casting idea over the years, but here is my latest dream cast:
Halli – Natalie Portman
Silvorhawk – Chris Hemsworth
Striker – Sam Worthington
Kaidyla – Zoe Saldana
Lumina – Abigail Breslin
Redsham – Robbie Coltrane

Which book to movie conversion is your favourite?
It’s a tie between the Harry Potter series and the Twilight saga.

How can people connect with you?
Twitter: @andreabuginsky

Where can readers find your book?