Sunday, June 30, 2013

Author Bathsheba Dailey

Please Welcome
Bathsheba Dailey

Author of

Five Year Old Death

Bathsheba Dailey is the single mother of three girls divorcing after 
fifteen years with their father. She was born in Baltimore Maryland 
and moved to West Virginia at a young age with her mother and 
step father. She was soon placed in the states name along with her 
brother due to abuse. She finally found who she considers her family 
with her last foster family and they are still her family. She married 
and stayed for many years before she finally had enough and decided 
to leave. She then went back to school at thirty three and graduated 
business school at thirty six. She has had four poetry book released 
but two have since been retired to be redone. She has just come out 
with her autobiography “Five Year Old Death” that tells more of 
where she has come from and who she really is. She loves to fish and 
do lawn work for fun and spends many hours even playing in her 
neighbors lawns just because her own looks like a golf course. She 
hopes with her book she can prove to people that new beginnings can 
be made if you always keep your faith. 

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