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Author bio:
Although born in the United States, Annamaria Bazzi spent a great deal of her childhood in Sicily, Italy, in a town called Sciacca. Italian was the language spoken at home. Therefore, she had no problems when she found herself growing up in a strange country.
Upon returning to the states, she promised herself she would speak without an accent.
She attended Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Computers with a minor in Spanish.
Annamaria spent twenty years programming systems for large corporations, creating innovative solution, and addressing customer problems. During those years, she raised four daughters and one husband. Annamaria lives in Richmond Virginia with her small family where she now dedicates a good part of her day writing.

Personal favs:
Drink – Moscato
Food – blackberries and homemade waffles
Vacation –  give me a beach and the ocean or sea and I’m all set
TV show – once upon a time and the game of thrones
Movie – Seven Years in Tibet
Animal – dogs, the wonderful German Sheppard and Greyhounds
Sport – soccer and basketball
Book – Embers at Galdrilene by A. D. Trosper

Book title:
White Swans: Revelations

Brief synopsis of your book:
After attempting to accept her fate in the strange fishbowl world, Kendíka decides it’s impossible. Call her a pet, will they? Determination revived, she tempts her “master’s” fury by trying to make life better for the people of Deverow’s Duchy. She will bring technology to the Regency era or end up a swan trying.
Still longing for a higher station in her new existence, Jillian sets her sights on Harry, the Count of Paddington. The only problem? Getting the man to take notice of her. Perhaps discovering some common ground—besides their rabbit-like features—will do the trick.

Current book or project you’re working on:
Right now, i’m working on book IV of the White Swans series.

What was the inspiration for your novel?
Originally, White Swans was a standalone short story. Most people, who read it, asked if I would expand on it and turn it into a full-length novel. I enjoyed writing the short story and decided it would be fun to turn it into a complete novel.
My 13 year old and many of her friends swear they don’t read because novels are just too long. I wondered how many young teens think like my daughter, and since I decided to be an Indie author, the idea of publishing a short story series came to mind. The idea has now come to fulfillment.

Please share three interesting facts about your book which are not covered in the synopsis.
1) Kendíka has her first meeting with Saphora her captor and master.
2) Jillian acquires a new master.
3) Kendíka and Charles discover more about the planet they are living on through an excursion planed by Saphora.

Who is the most complex character from your current novel?
Jillian, introduced in The New Girl in Town, is the most complex character in the novel.

Are there any characters in your book that remind you of yourself?
Kendíka a little, I love helping others.

If you could pick any well known or famous author to review your book who would you pick and why?
Terry Goodkind, i’ve enjoyed his Sword of Truth series and love the way he tells a story.

What, who, and when were you first inspired you to write?
I’ve loved writing since the age of eight and the inspiration came from an Italian author who wrote a book about a little angel boy who was banished to earth to re-earn his wings.


What genre does your book fall into?
The White Swans series is a young adult fantasy.

What is the first book you remember reading, that affected how you thought or felt about something?
I always loved writing, and my teachers in Italy recognized the imagination lurking inside and encouraged me to write. When I was eight years old I read “Le Disavventure di un Angelo in Castigo” by Maria Teresa Ratti. Reading my first full-length novel made me realize I loved to write enough to want to be a writer just like Maria Teresa.

Which three authors have inspired you the most, and why?
1) Terry Goodkind. He was the first fantasy author I ever read.
2) Frank Herbert. He was the first science fiction author i ever read and his Dune series inspired me to read more Sci-Fi authors like Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan.
3) The Bronte sisters, Charlotte and Emily, who inspired me to want to be the best author I can possibly be.

Have you ever read a book you couldn’t finish reading?
Yes. I enjoy reading Larry Niven, but i just couldn’t read one of his books. Unfortunately, i can’t remember the title.

Do you read a book, while you are writing a book?
For me reading and writing are two completely different things and I always try to make time for reading. The only time it is difficult to find the time to read is when I’m preparing for a blog tour. Then I spent most of my time writing the blog posts.

The process:

How many books have you written? Which book is your favourite and why?
I”ve written ten book, but only three are published so far. My favourite is a still unpublished Sci-Fi novel.

Is there anything that helps get you in the mood to write?
Daydreaming is my inspiration. I love to take time out, maybe thirty minutes or one hour, out of my day to just daydream of the impossible. A great many of my outlandish dreams become inspirations for novels.

What were three challenges you faced when writing your book?
1) I’m still facing the challenge of how to describe the beings that have created the fishbowl world and bring humans into it.
2) It took some thinking to figure out how to balance Kendíka’s goodness with a bit of opposing force. That ‘s when Jillian came forward to be that energy.
3) I’m still struggling with Saphora’s changes.

What lessons have you learned as an aspiring writer?
Like anything, if you want to be good you need to take classes and study. Writing is no different, I will always have more to learn and thus offer more to my readers. If you stop growing and pushing yourself your writing will stagnate.
Write every day. If you are struggling with writer’s block, sit and write, even if it has to be the list of chores you need to do for the day.
Never give up.
Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so what helps you to ‘overcome’?
Every writer has bent her knee to the evil Writer’s Block monster. I will not bend my knee. On those days when the brain is squeezed dry, I turn to a different project or do a bit of daydreaming.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned, either in the self-publishing or traditional publisher, route?
The work of an Indie author doesn’t stop when the book is finished, that’s when the hard work of marketing starts.

How long does it usually take for you to complete a book?
This is a hard question to answer. The White Swans series is made of short stories and most of them I’ve written in a few days, one week at the most. A full-length novel has taken as long as a few months and that’s not counting the editing.

Do you have any ideas for your book and Hollywood? Actors, directors, music.
I love Steven Spielberg, so he is my first choice director.
AnnaSophia Robb – Lady Kendíka
Victoria Justice – Jillian
Paul Wesley – Duke Charles Deverow

Which book to movie conversion is your favourite?
Gone with the Wind.

How can people connect with you?

Where can readers find your book?


  1. thank you so much for hosting the first tour stop for Revelations. I had a great time working with you. we should do it again soon :)

    1. Best of luck and much success your way Annamaria!