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Author bio:
Born in Adelaide, South Australia, this mother of three is following her passion for Fantasy writing.  She published The Unseen Promise in 2013, after revitalizing the urge to complete the first book in the Tarkeenia Sagas.  She is currently working on subsequent manuscripts and is involved in various writing and creative communities.
The sequel to ‘The Unseen Promise’ is a work in progress. Ellen Mae Franklin steps up to deliver a subsequent novel of high end, paced fantasy that will leave you breathless in the next book, ‘It’s not the Bite that Kills’ you.’
Working with UK Author – Pete Emmerson, she is co-writing a new fantasy series titled, ‘Un-named.’ The first book to be released 2014.
Co-founder of a dynamic group of Australian writers, Ellen Mae Franklin is working on gathering short Australian themed stories for Anthologies to showcase local talent.
Writing short stories for an online Magazine, this author is delivering Writing Edge, quality fantasy tales to delight all readers. Her imagination and writing skills are put to the test as Ellen Mae Franklin delivers unique stories with a twist.
She is writing under the pseudonym of her children’s middle name – Ellen Mae Franklin.

Personal favs:
Drink – Anything that is Citrus
Food – An Asian dish called Kway Teow. Flat rice noodles, meat and vegetables with a most delicious sauce.
Vacation – A 3 month holiday in Europe.
TV show – Walking Dead, American Horror Story, True Blood, Deadwood and so much more
Movie – The latest ‘Pride and Prejude.’
Animal – An Otter or a Magpie (Australian Bird)
Sport – Isle of Man TT Racing.
Book - The one I have finally finished, my own.

Book title: The Unseen Promise

Brief synopsis of your book:
Set on the world Tarkeenia, the story marks the struggle between God and man, magic and indefinable evil.
Roedanth wants his brother back, it doesn’t matter that the boy is dead; the young copper apprentice can’t seem to stop wishing. Tainted by the magic of the Dark God – Drakite, tragedy and pain follows Roedanth, from Crows Nest to the Halls of Coowic, where the Magi live.
Tarkeenia is awash with life - man and beast live side by side. Monsters hunt the shadows looking for a bite to eat. The tip of balance between dark and light, good and evil is tenuous, even on a good day. Flesh eating Specks turn the living into dust, and the world is no longer safe. Murrdocks, are a child’s story, woven tales told to enchant and incite fear. Their King lays dying, and Prince Pec having no choice, must turn myth into reality.
Strangers become friends, out of necessity more than compatibility for survival takes on the order of the day. Uneasy alliances are tainted by betrayal and self gain, and unlikely heroes emerge to salvage what they can from a world on the brink of chaos.
Everyone strives to make do in a world bubbling with wild magic, working to remain true to their Calling, as the lives of man and monster hang in the balance, subject to the whims of Gods. Can Tarkeenia survive the tug and pull of the very spoilt, and the very wicked? Can those lost to the dark find a way back to the light? Is it possible to forget, or to forgive and begin again? All these questions and more are answered as the reader walks Tarkeenia’s many paths.

Current book or project you’re working on:

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What was the inspiration for your novel?
To place the message about what how I feel curiosity fits into our world. I had an idea about imparting the message of what I believed Curiosity to be. The old saying ‘Curiosity killed the cat.’ is a proverb used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation.
I toyed with the idea about a young boy named ‘Roedanth’ as a character and then, my mission as a writer was to imbed this message into a story on a grand scale.

Please share three interesting facts about your book, which are not covered in the synopsis.
1) Curiosity is a motivator for me with this book. The phrase - Curiosity kills that cat drives some of the storyline. What would happen if you weren’t curious? Would you be safe?
2) A Moorling is an Elemental character. It is a prism of light and can only become solid by finding a host to live in. The tricky bit is that if the Moorling doesn’t leave it’s host before they die, it too succumbs to death.
3) A Nightbane can be killed by stabbing through a small circle of holes in the back of its neck. Otherwise, good luck.

Who is the most complex character from your current novel?
Coal, the fire sprite is a complex character. His mood swings are wide ranged. His emotions are full of highs and lows.

Are there any characters in your book that remind you of yourself?
I think that somewhere, no matter how much you wish to deny it. Every character that is placed on the page reflects a little something of the writer. So, I would have to say all of them.

If you could pick any well known or famous author to review your book who would you pick and why?
Joe Abercrombie - his unique perspective of human behaviour and complex storylines excite me.

What genre does your book fall into?
Classical Fantasy - The creation of Magic, new Creatures and Worlds

Which three authors have inspired you the most, and why?
1) Joe Abercombie - For his brilliance of character development and dialogue
2) George R.R. Martin - For his complex storylines
3) Stephen Donaldson - For his ability to reach deep into human nature and put it all down on paper.

Have you ever read a book you couldn’t finish reading?
No! I only take up books that interest me for time is always an issue for me.

Do you read a book, while you are writing a book?
Yes, all the time. I try hard not to look into the writing style of the author I am reading. I wish to enjoy the story. Sometimes it gives me new ideas or inspiration.

The process:

How many books have you written? Which book is your favourite and why?
I have just written the one - The Unseen Promise

Is there anything that helps get you in the mood to write?
A day where I have caught up on all the loose end and one that is without distractions. This is rare indeed, but even with a few hours up my sleeve I can always find the mood to write. Noise in the background helps me. I don’t know why (smiling)

What were three challenges you faced when writing your book?
1) Finding the time to live outside of writing.
2) Being objective over the words I commit to paper. It is difficult to kill your children during editing.
3) Getting the rest of the world to understand and accept Australian colloquialism.

What lessons have you learned as an aspiring writer?
Listen to your inner-self and keep an open mind.

Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so what helps you to ‘overcome’?
Yes, I have just once and it lasted 10 years. I changed my relationship and found someone who believed in me. I haven’t stopped writing since.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned, either in the self-publishing or traditional publisher, route?
Don’t become discouraged when your book is not selling. You should always write for yourself and the love of creating. Do not put expectations on yourself or time limits.

How long does it usually take for you to complete a book?
I don’t have an answer for that. Completing a full novel and my books are around the 160,000 word count all depends on what is happening in my personal life and the other projects I have taken on.

Do you have any ideas for your book and Hollywood? Actors, directors, music.
No, not at all sorry.

Which book to movie conversion is your favourite?
Games of Thrones as a HBO TV Series is the best I have ever seen andvery true to the books.

How can people connect with you?

Where can readers find your book? 
Barnes & Nobles
Kobo Books
Sony EBooks

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